At Sandhurst we have managed to give our clients a one way service from beginning to end. We have listened to our clients, and have established our hunting properties to enable clients to hunt 80% of South African species right here. There have been many complaints over the years from hunters stating they are spending their all their hunting time in the front of a Land Cruiser, driving from ranch to ranch looking for a trophy here and a trophy there. We believe that you should spend every waking moment in the bush hunting and not travelling. The variety of species at Sandhurst is phenomenal,from Hippo, Mountain Reedbuck and Nyala to Lion, Elephant and Rhino. Sandhurst has two camps, only a hour apart, and the location depends on the species the hunter has on his list.

We also have hunting areas in the provinces of KwaZulu-Natal and the Eastern Cape, as well as the “Kaa” region of Botswana. These areas are vast and wild, and accommodation is in tented camps overlooking the pans. In the summer months, game fl ock to the pans after the rains.