Terms & Conditions:

| • Deposit is non-rufundable if cancelled within 6 months of the safari.
• Deposit is required to book and confi rm your hunt. The deposit is calculated according to safari costs.
• Sandhurst recommends travel insurance, both for yourself, as well as your trophies when they are ready for shipment.

Recommended routes:

• Sandhurst makes use of “air2000” in JHB to help clear rifles, and recommend you do the same. For a small fee, they help you through the hassles of gun clearance, etc. Contact the Sandhurst office for contact details.
• When travelling with your rifl es, it is always best to avoid a trip with many stopovers, as you always run the risk of losing your luggage or rifle. We recommend a direct route to JHB.

There are 3 options of getting to Sandhurst:

• You do the 6 hour drive by car.
• Sandhurst rents a private charter plane for you.
The fl ight takes less than a hour and half.
• There is a town nearby called “Mmabatho”, which has two flights daily from JHB. There is a fl ights in the late afternoons, or you sleep over by the airport and take the early morning flight. The fl ight is 40 minutes, and then it is a 2 hour drive to Sandhurst.

Packing list:

• Rain coat (summer months only)
• Sweaters (2-3)
• Warm gloves
• 2-3 Long sleeve shirts.
• 2-3 Long sleeve pants.
• Socks
• 1 Pair shorts (2-3 for summer months)
• 1 Pair short sleeve shirts
• “Walked in” boots. No new shoes.
• Wide brim hat for sun
• Very good sunblock and sun glasses.
• Insect repellent.
• Toiletries
• Personal medication.
• Back pack for extra ammo, binoculars, sun block, snacks, etc. Left on vehicle when hunting.
• When travelling by charter, bring a soft bag for your rifl e.
• Taxidermy tags if trophies are to be exported.
• Camera, plus electricity converter.
• Photo copies of travel documents.